Recovery is

According to research, only about 7 percent of sites hit by Google Panda have fully recovered since it first hit the scene. Only 10 percent have made it back up to 70 percent of their original traffic. Is there any hope?

Yes. We can say for a fact that recovery is possible, and we have helped our clients do exactly that. However, as should be evident from the statistics, it’s not going to come easily.

The problem with most Panda consultancy situations is that the SEO focuses on factors like:

  • Time on site
  • Grammar
  • Loosely defined “high quality” content

And tries to resolve the situation with

  • noindex
  • rel=canonical
  • new, “high quality” content

and so on. We do all of the above, as these are very important factors, but they are also just symptoms of the real problem. The fact of the matter is, Panda was released to eliminate search results based on a business model that they didn’t agree with.

Quality Content

That’s right. Panda isn’t just about “quality content.” It’s about evaluating which sites offer value that is consistent with Google’s own business motivations.

If your site was hit by Panda, it was because your site was evaluated (algorithmically), and determined to have a flawed business model (from Google’s perspective). This is not what web businesses want to hear, but it is the truth. To recover from Panda, you need to evaluate how Google sees your entire business model. That’s why our Panda recovery consultancy focuses on factors like:

What is the perceived purpose of your content?
Does your content have a unique selling proposition?
Are you meeting needs that aren't being met elsewhere?
Does your site have the potential to create a "brand culture?"

Leaked Google documents have spelled it out loud and clear. The first thing Google looks for when determining the usefulness of a piece of content is its purpose. That is where we need to place our focus.

If all of this is intimidating, we understand. It’s not our goal as a consultancy to adjust your business model. However, we can offer input, feedback, and services to advise you on how your business model is perceived by Google. Many legitimate businesses have been hit by Panda because their online presence failed to create the right perception.

We will work together with you to address fundamental problems and help you restore your traffic to previous levels. Get in touch and, together, we’ll work out where to go from here.

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