Penalty Recovery Consulting

According to research, only 6 percent of sites that were hit by the Penguin update have managed to fully recover. This is not encouraging news, and it’s strong evidence that the problem won’t resolve itself. If you ever want to see the results you once did, it’s going to take some effort and strategy.

Yes, recovery is possible, and it’s not up to chance. We have worked with several clients who were able to restore their previous levels of traffic. Unfortunately, many affected sites respond with the wrong mindset by:

  • Contacting webmasters to remove low quality links

  • Using the link disavow tool

  • Shifting from paid and automated links to “hand built” “high quality” links

All of these techniques can be helpful, but the focus is in the wrong place. Your site was penalized because the links you had were deemed worthless. In short, Google has decided, correctly or not, that you never deserved to have the traffic you once did, because the links weren’t natural.

Eliminating the “bad” won't fix the problem.

Similarly, shifting toward “hand built” and “high quality” links won't address the core issue. Your site was penalized for having unnatural links. To prevent this from happening, you're going to need to learn how to attract natural links.

Yes, we do manually build high quality links for our clients, but we do so as part of a strategic process to:

Attract audiences that will naturally link to your site
Build relationships that will result in natural links and attention
Establish you as a thought leader in your sector of the market

Our goal is always to create a self-sustaining audience that attracts viral attention and natural links for the long term. This is the only way to recover from a penalty like Penguin that will work long term.

Looking for advice? Let’s get in touch and talk about the best way to move forward.

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